See the Class of 2023 Seniors face off against the Maple Hill Teachers in the Seniors Vs. Teachers Basketball Game tomorrow night (Thursday, June 8) at 5:00 PM in the Maple Hill Gym! Entry is $5 per person and proceeds go to the winning team’s charity of choice. Bring a little extra money if you want something from the concession stand! The list of participating seniors and teachers is below (more may join in by the game tomorrow!).

Maple Hill Senior Team
  • Austin Lensink
  • Anthony Sturgis
  • Gavin Haller
  • Joshua Da Costa Gomez
  • Colby Frazier
  • Kyle Coyne
  • Ethan Tyree
  • Gerald Stalker
  • Samuel Sterantino
  • Julian DelFavero
Maple Hill Teacher Team
  • Americo Frese
  • Brett Lauterbach
  • Daniel Bentley
  • Kolby Flach
  • Nathan Porter
  • Patricia Racz
  • Patrick Austin
  • Steven Marino
  • William Murray
  • Zachary Frese

Seniors Versus Teachers Basketball Game Flyer