Policy #Policy TitleAdopted/Revised Date
0000Mission Statement and Vision2/11/16
0100Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination2/11/16
0100-REqual Opportunity and Nondiscrimination Regulation2/11/16
0110Sexual Harassment09/10/20
0110.1Sexual Harassment of Student09/10/20
0110.1-RSexual Harassment of Students Regulation09/10/20
0110.1-EComplaint Form for DASA and Sexual Harassment09/10/20
0110.2Sexual Harassment of Employee09/10/20
0110.2-RSexual Harassment of Employee Regulation09/10/20
0110.2-EComplaint Form for Sexual Harassment of Employee09/10/20
0115Student Harassment and Bullying Prevention and Intervention2/11/16
0115-RStudent Harassment and Bullying Prevention and Intervention Regulation2/11/16
0115-EStudent Bullying and Harassment Complaint Form9/10/20
0320Evaluation of the Superintendent2/11/16
1000Community Relations and Communication Goals4/21/16
1050Annual District Meeting and Budget Vote4/21/16
1120School District Records4/21/16
1130News Media Relations4/21/16
1230Public Participation at Board Meetings2/08/18
1400Public Concerns4/21/16
1500Use of School Buildings and Athletic Facilities4/21/16
1530Smoking and Other Tobacco Use on School Premises4/21/16
1741Home-Schooled Students4/21/16
1800Donations, Gifts and Grants to the District4/21/16
1900Parent and Family Engagement9/19/19
1925Interpreters for Hearing-Impaired Parents4/21/16
2000Board Operational Goals6/16/16
2100School Board Legal Status6/16/16
2120School Board Elections6/16/16
2120.2Voting Procedures6/16/16
2121Board Member Qualifications6/16/16
2150Filling Board Vacancies6/16/16
2160School District Officer and Employee Code of Ethics6/16/16
2210Board Organizational Meeting6/16/16
2220Board Officers6/16/16
2230Appointed Board Officials6/16/16
2245Student Representative to the Board of Education9/10/20
2270School Attorney6/16/16
2310Regular Meetings6/16/16
2320Special Meetings6/16/16
2330Executive Sessions6/16/16
2340Notice of Meetings6/16/16
2342Agenda Preparation and Dissemination6/16/16
2350Board Meeting Procedures6/16/16
2410Policy Development, Adoption, Implementation and Review6/16/16
2510New Board Member Orientation6/16/16
2520Board Member Training9/10/20
2521School Board Conferences, Conventions, Workshops6/16/16
2-102Role of the Board of Education in the Development & Attainment of Educational Outcomes1/15/04
2-202Board Member Attendance at Board Meetings4/22/04
2-302Ballot Propositions6/17/04
3000Goals and Objectives for Administration10/20/16
3100Superintendent of Schools10/20/16
3120Duties of the Superintendent10/20/16
3-150Whistleblower Protection12/05/13
3-202Policy Regarding Disaster Preparedness1/18/90
3-204Visitors to the Schools12/14/83
3-206Crisis Intervention Plan8/16/90
3-210Liability Insurance for Users of District's Facilities5/13/03
3-214Video Cameras on School Buses10/16/03
3-220Automated External Defibrillators10/17/02
3-301Disposal of Consumer Report Information and Records2/12/15
3-303Employee Personal Identifying Information2/12/15
4311.1Display of the Flag1/19/17
4315.1AIDS Instruction1/19/17
4321Programs for Students with Disabilities Under the IDEA and New York's Educational Law Article 891/19/17
4321.1Provision of Special Education Services in the Least Restrictive Environment1/19/17
4321.11Public Report on Revisions to District Policies, Practices and Procedures Upon a Finding of Significant Disproportionality4/11/17
4321.13Preschool Special Education4/11/17
4321.14Special Education Personnel4/11/17
4321.2School-Wide Pre-Referral Approaches and Interventions1/19/17
4321.3Allocation of Space for Special Education Programs1/19/17
4321.4Independent Educational Evaluations6/15/17
4321.5Confidentiality and Access to Individualized Education Programs, Individualized Education Service Programs and Service Plans1/19/17
4321.6Availability of Alternative Format Instructional Materials for Students with Disabilities1/19/17
4321.7Districtwide and Statewide Assessments of Students with Disabilities1/19/17
4321.8Impartial Hearing Officer Appointment and Compensation1/19/17
4321.9Declassification of Students with Disabilities4/11/17
4325Academic Intervention Services4/11/17
4326Programs for English Language Learners4/11/17
4327Homebound Instruction4/11/17
4511Textbook Selection and Adoption4/11/17
4513Library Materials Selection4/11/17
4526Computer Use in Instruction6/15/17
4526.1Internet Safety6/15/17
4531Field Trips and Excursions6/15/17
4532School Volunteers6/15/17
4710Grading Systems6/15/17
4750Promotion and Retention of Students6/15/17
4765Online, Distance and Remote Learning11/19/20
4770Graduation Requirements6/15/17
4772Graduation Ceremonies4/19/18
4773Diploma and Credential Option for Students with Disabilities6/15/17
4850 Animals in the Schools6/15/17
4-102Local Tax Levy Policy9/16/04
4-125Reserve Funds10/20/11
4-214Non-Sufficient Funds Checks5/8/14
4-300Tax Sheltered Annuities9/16/04
4-400HIPPA Compliance Policies for Insured Group Health Plans10/16/03
4-402HIPPA Compliance Policies & Procedures for Self-Insured Group Health Plans10/16/03
5000Student Policies Goals1/18/18
5020.3Rights of Students with Disabilities Under Section 5041/18/18
5030Student Complaints1/18/18
5100Student Attendance9/10/20
5130Compulsory Attendance Ages1/18/18
5150School Admissions1/18/18
5151Homeless Children11/19/20
5151-RHomeless Children Regulation
5152Admission of Non-Resident Students1/18/18
5162Student Dismissal Precautions1/18/18
5210Student Organizations2/08/18
5220School-Sponsored Student Expression4/19/18
5225Student Personal Expression4/19/18
5252Student Activities Fund Management3/15/18
5280Interscholastic Athletics6/14/18
5281Extracurricular Activity Eligibility6/14/18
5300Code of Conduct6/14/18
5405District Wellness6/14/18
5420Student Health Services11/19/20
5420-RStudent Health Services Regulation11/19/20
5421Concussion Management Policy4/19/18
5450.1Notification of Sex Offenders4/19/18
5460Child Abuse Maltreatment or Neglect in a Domestic Setting4/19/18
5500Student Records11/15/18
5550Student Privacy6/14/18
5710Violent and Disruptive Incident Reporting6/14/18
5-104Census & Register of Students with Disabilities & Regulations4/17/03
5-304Grade 8 Acceleration for Diploma Credit5/18/04
6000Fiscal Management Goals11/15/18
6110Budget Planning11/15/18
6150Budget Transfers11/15/18
6410Authorized Signatures11/15/18
6415Electronic Banking11/15/18
6600Fiscal Accounting and Reporting1/17/19
6640Fixed Assets and Inventory Management1/17/19
6650Claims Auditor1/17/19
6660Independent/External Audits1/17/19
6670Petty Cash and Cash in School Buildings1/17/19
6680Internal Audit Function1/17/19
6690Audit Committee1/17/19
6710Purchasing Authority2/14/19
6740Purchasing Procedures2/14/19
6741Contracting for Professional Services2/14/19
6800Payroll Procedures2/14/19
6830Expense Reimbursement4/16/19
6900Disposal of District Property2/14/19
6-102Student Substance Abuse7/7/03
6-106Possession of Firearms in School6/21/94
6-108Suspected/Attempted Suicide8/18/88
6-4011:1 Device Policy8/11/16
7000Facilities Development Goals4/16/19
7100Facilities Planning4/16/19
7365Construction Safety4/16/19
7-106Employee Substance Abuse Policy7/7/03
7-201Fingerprinting Policy
7-202Acceptable Employee Use & Internet Safety Policy4/22/04
7-206Credit for Previous Experience11/21/96
7-208Reports and Recommendation for Teacher Tenure4/17/03
7-210District Employees Pay Schedules for Management Confidential Employees9/16/04
7-212Release for Volunteer Emergency Personnel5/18/04
7-214Professional Staff Termination of Employment4/17/03
7-216Policy on Substitute Teachers5/13/03
7-302Salary Elections for Employees Employed Less Than 12 Months8/21/08
8000Support Services Goals4/16/19
8110School Building Safety4/16/19
8112Health and Safety Committee4/16/19
8115Pesticides and Pest Management4/16/19
8130School Safety Plans and Teams9/10/20
8131Pandemic Planning11/19/20
8-100Shared Decision Making6/17/04
8-104Distribution of Materials for Parental Information7/7/03
8121.1Opioid Overdose Prevention5/16/17
8210.1Use of Surveillance Cameras on School Property5/21/19
8220Building and Grounds Maintenance and Inspection5/21/19
8330Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials and Equipment5/21/19
8332Use of Cellular Phones5/21/19
8414.5Alcohol and Drug Testing of Drivers9/19/19
8505Charging School Meals7/2/18
8630Computer Resources and Data Management9/19/19
8635Information Security Breach and Notification12/17/20
8635-RParent Bill of Rights12/17/20
8635-EInformation Security Breach and Notification Regulations12/17/20
9000Personnel Goals12/19/19
9120.1Conflict of Interest12/19/19
9140.1Staff Complaints and Grievances12/19/19
9170Meals and Refreshments at District Sponsored Events and Activities12/19/19
9240Recruiting and Hiring12/19/19
9240.1Recruiting and Hiring Coaches and/or Extracurricular Advisors9/10/20
9260Conditional Appointment and Emergency Conditional Appointment - Student Safety11/17/16
9320Drug-Free Workplace12/19/19
9350Staff Requests for Accomodations Under the ADAAA12/19/19
9500Compensation and Benefits12/19/19
9620Child Abuse in an Educational Setting12/19/19