A Vision for the Schodack Central School District

The Schodack Central School District offers a small nurturing setting that will expand the educational, cultural, and social opportunities for our children and adult citizens through the use of thought-provoking experiences, high-quality resources, and technology. The community will be engaged in the life of the schools and, in return, the schools will serve the community through the use of their facilities and resources. The quality of life will be enriched through access to adult education, college and job related educational opportunities, as well as social opportunities and supports. The whole community will proudly celebrate academic, cultural, competitive and social successes that stem from our schools. The resulting high quality of life will attract citizens who enjoy sharing their talents with neighbors and the school.

Students of Schodack Central will graduate with strong academic competencies from a challenging curriculum, and will have opportunities to earn credits from our educational partners. They will have learned to value societal and global diversity, communicate effectively, collaborate by working in teams, and demonstrate self reliance and self responsibility. They will develop lifelong learning skills grounded in their curiosity, creativity, and problem solving skills. Their citizenship skills will be enhanced through community and peer to peer service, and a commitment to civility. They will be prepared socially and ready to make healthy productive choices. Their exposure to technology and knowledge of how to use it will also prepare them for an ever-evolving future.

Schodack Central School District students will be nurtured and taught by passionate and caring teachers, staff, administrators, and board members all of whom serve as good role models, in a district that is exemplary, innovative, community involved, and a valued asset to our entire greater community.

* Note: The district’s vision statement was created by a committee of community members, teachers, staff, Board of Education members and school administrators. We thank the volunteer committee for meeting over several months to create the district’s vision.