Schodack CSD Community,

By now we are all aware of the issue with the air quality in New York State as a result of the wildfires in Canada. To limit the time our students and faculty/staff had to spend outside today (June 7), we have kept all classes and recesses indoors and will do so for the remainder of the day.

After school outdoor activities are canceled today. However, all indoor after school and evening events will proceed as scheduled, including the Grade 9-12 Awards Night.

As of now, we will be taking a day-by-day approach to the rest of the week. If the air quality remains the same/worsens we will continue to hold all classes and recesses indoors. Outdoor activities for the rest of the week (the BMX Assembly for CES, K-3 Field Day, etc.) are still scheduled to take place as of now but we will inform you if this situation changes.