Current Requests for Proposals

Proposer FAQs for RFP 23-01
  1. Will we be able to submit a proposed budget during the process of renewal each year? Page 2 of the RFP states, “ The contract, once awarded, shall be in effect from September 1, 2022, with an option to renew for four additional one year periods, at the discretion of the district, under the same terms and conditions as mutually agreed by the district and the awarded firm.” The district would work with the awarded firm between January 1-March 1 to engage with the awarded entity to discuss the terms and conditions of the extension of the contract to ensure that it is mutually agreeable.
  2. Will we be allowed to reserve the right to extend the contract at the same terms and conditions for a period of up to sixty (60) days for the purpose of getting a new contract in place? Yes.
  3. What happens if inflation and cost of living significantly increase? See the answer to question 1.
  4.  Will our existing screening tools be sufficient when screening new entrants into the UPK program? The district would need to know the existing screening tools that are used before making a determination of adequacy.
  5. Is there a specific district website developed for tracking attendance? No, that would be the responsibility of the awarded entity.