On March 8, 2024, the Schodack community raised $5,054.24 – the most ever raised at this event! –¬† for the Anchor Food Pantry at the annual Hoops Against Hunger basketball game between Schodack faculty and staff! Also, while the game is all in good fun, competition remains fierce at it and this year the Blue Team emerged victorious! The 2024 Teams – coached by Maple Hill Seniors – are listed below.

There are so many other people to thank who donated, helped out, and showed up that they cannot all be named here* but the district is very grateful to everyone who had a part in this year’s Hoops Against Hunger!

*That said, a very special thank you to Schodack’s Pat Austin who is the primary coordinator for the entire event!¬†

See pictures from Schodack’s 2024 Hoops Against Hunger on Google here.

Team Brady Cole/Kate Brodzinski (Red)

Mr. Hanrahan, Mr. Flach, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Marino, Mr. Biehler, Mr. Chevrier, Mr. Metzner, Mr. Lauterbach, Mr. Clark, Mr. Derby, Mr. Boyle, Mr. Iwanos, Mrs. Loszynski, Ms. Stuto, Ms. Hay, Ms. Brudnock, Mrs. Krug, Mrs. Gonzalez-Barone, Ms. Chevrier

Team Jake Fish/Emily Coffey (Blue)

Mr. Austin, Zach Frese, Mr. Porter, Mr. Bentley, Mr. Mastracy, Mr. Santarcangelo, Mr. Britt, Mr. Rico Frese, Mr. Kush, Mr. Murray, Mr. Silver, Mrs. Likar, Mrs. Mullahy, Mrs. VanKempen, Mrs. Dingman, Ms. Fitzsimmons, Ms. Brochu