Acclaimed children’s book author/illustrator Laurie Keller recently spent a whole day at CES with our students! Laurie has written many books, including “Arnie the Doughnut,” “Potato Pants,” and “The Scrambled States of America” (and many more!).

During the school day, Laurie was the special guest at all three CES Monthly Assemblies where she talked with students about her work, drew some impressive illustrations on the spot and led them through a few drawing exercises. The assemblies ended with a brief duet between Laurie (on banjo) and CES Librarian Ms. Rattner (on ukulele).

Laurie stuck around for an after school event that many CES families enthusiastically showed up for! There were refreshments and crafts based on Laurie’s books, a musical performance of song Laurie wrote for Ms. Rattner (some of our students assisted!) and also a TON of free books for attending students, all of which Laurie graciously signed for them. Many thanks to Laurie for an amazing visit to CES and to Ms. Rattner for organizing it!

See pictures from Laurie Keller’s visit to CES on Google here.¬†