Castleton Elementary Families,

So far the recent changes in our school’s student drop-off and pick-up procedures have been going very well. I want to thank you for your cooperation and patience this week during arrival and dismissal times as we’ve put those changes into effect.

To ensure student drop-off and pick-up remain efficient, please give special attention to the following changes during both arrival and dismissal times.

  • Please remember to access and exit Campbell Ave using Green Ave, not Scott Ave, during arrival and to exdismissal. It’s very important we avoid traffic backups on Scott Avenue since it’s the main route through our village.
  • Our school doors open at 7:55 AM and we dismiss students at 2:25 PM. This means cars should not be at CES before 7:50 AM for arrival or before 2:20 PM for dismissal. Please do not arrive any earlier than these times.
  • Please be courteous to our neighbors on Campbell Ave. Our school shares the street with those who live on it and we want to make sure we are not blocking their driveways during arrival or dismissal.

Thank you again for helping us improve student arrival and dismissal this week and going forward! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at the CES Main Office at 518-732-7755.


James L. Derby
Castleton Elementary School