Congratulations to the latest group of Maple Hill High School students inducted into The National Honor Society in the induction ceremony held on November 30, 2023!

Twenty Maple Hill Sr. High School students were inducted into the district’s chapter of the National Honor Society at the ceremony where they were also joined by last year’s inductees. A wonderful night honoring these hard-working students!

November 2023 Maple Hill National Honor Society Inductees
  • Isabella Breunig
  • Sophia Breunig
  • Benjamin Brewer
  • Zachary Chittenden
  • Olivia Eaton
  • Hannah Gardner
  • Sophia Germaine
  • Fiona Gokey
  • Henry Hickok
  • Evan Laurenzo
  • Oriana Letzelter
  • Ethan Leverone
  • Leah McIntosh
  • Eve McTarnaghan
  • Addison Prest
  • Kendra Pulver
  • Sydney Rogers
  • Karlee Taylor
  • Jasper Thomas
  • Kaden Van Kempen