Dear Schodack CSD Community,

This is a brief message to inform you of a New York State Police Special Operations Response Team (SORT) helicopter training exercise taking place tomorrow (Tuesday, November 14) at the soccer fields next to our transportation garage. A NY State Police helicopter will be dropping off SORT team members at the soccer fields and then returning shortly thereafter to pick them up.

This will take place twice during the day, first around 10:30 AM and then again around 1:30 PM. Each phase will take approximately 5 minutes. There should be no disruption to school operations and no one will be anywhere near the soccer fields during those times. We wanted to give advance notice since Maple Hill students, faculty/staff and neighbors will likely hear and/or see the helicopter during those time periods. Again, it is part of a training exercise and there will be no cause for concern should you or your students hear and/or see the helicopter tomorrow.