Maple Hill Families,

Thank you all again for the warm welcome I have received as Maple Hill Acting Principal, I am having so many positive experiences already in this role. I am writing again today to let you know some of the information I gathered during my first week in the position.

Something we have been noticing in Maple Hill is that there are some students frequently found wandering in the hallways when their schedule shows they should be in class. Overall, this is a small number of our students but I wanted to let you know we are putting a system in place to help them get out of the hallways and into their classes. We want all of our students present and on time for classes to ensure they stay on track with coursework and so we can account for their location if there is an emergency.

Starting on Friday, March 31, Mrs. Brochu and I will be performing regular hallways checks between class periods. The only students who should be in the hallways during these checks are those with a pass permitting them to be out of class.

Students without a pass permitting them to be out of class during these checks will be reminded that they should not be wandering the halls and Ms. Brochu or I will bring them to class. If we repeatedly encounter the same students without a pass during these checks, we will need to inform their parents/guardians and administer consequences in accordance with our code of conduct. These may include lunchtime detention or after school detention.

These hallway checks will help make sure all our students are getting the most out of school by being in class and that those classes are not disrupted by unnecessary distractions in the halls. Please let me or Mrs. Brochu know what questions you may have and thank you for your support in helping increase our students’ engagement.


Alyssa Sabbatino
Acting Principal, Maple Hill Jr./Sr. High School
Director of Teaching & Learning
Schodack Central School District