During the last few years, Castleton Elementary School was unable to host its annual Veterans Day event where local veterans visit with the 5th-grade students. It was so great to welcome the event and our local veterans back this year shortly before Veterans Day! Each spoke about their experiences serving in their respective branch of the United States Armed Forces and students were also able to prepare questions beforehand to ask them during their visit.

Thank you to the following veterans for their service and for visiting with the 5th graders! Enjoy a number of pictures from their visit in the Google Album here.

-Craig Wilkinson
-Russ Reickert
-Daniel Callaghan
-Ric Cograve
-Guy Rappold
-John Leggett
-Michael Michel
-Denis Puls
-Abram Seeberger
-Brian Van De Wal
-Joseph Waterbury
-Ed Prevost