Dear Schodack Families & Staff, 

Now that we have dismissed all our students, I am checking in with you after what likely felt like a long day for many. Yesterday I sent a message about posts on TikTok referring to unspecified and generalized threats of violence in schools across the nation. 

Even though none of these threats circulating on social media began locally in Schodack, we did ask you for your assistance in making today less anxious for the school community. I asked you to speak with your students about the importance of speaking up about troubling behaviors or if something just did not seem right to them in general at school. 

Today we did in fact hear from some families and students about concerns they suggested we look into. We worked closely with our local police department to quickly and efficiently look into each one of these instances. All were ultimately determined not to be credible and at no point was anyone in our schools at risk today. Nonetheless, even though none of this led to the discovery of any legitimate risk to our schools, I sincerely thank you for reaching out with your concerns.   

Creating a safe learning environment for students is one of the most important jobs I and the staff have in Schodack. Yet schooling is always a partnership between staff and families – all who reached out today played an important role in creating that safe environment. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us in the future with your concerns and remind your children of the same. 

Thank you again for your assistance and for your trust in the district today. After a stressful last few days of this week, I hope you all have a relaxing weekend with your families. I look forward to seeing your students back in school on Monday before the well-deserved holiday recess begins. 

Jason Chevrier
Schodack Central School District