To help distinguish and celebrate Schodack CSD, members of the school community are working with a branding company to create distinctive logos for the district.

The team’s goal is to create an original logo that unites Maple Hill and Castleton Elementary by building on traditions like the Wildcat that our community has long embraced. Current logos like “MH” and the Paw Print will also be updated so they are unique to Schodack while honoring the original design.

“We know we’re the Wildcats and we have symbols like the MH and PawPrint that have helped make us recognizable,” said Superintendent Jason Chevrier. “But as part of the reorganization process we’ve talked about the importance of school spirit and unifying the district. We want to define who we are collectively with common colors and a common mascot to make sure we are marketing who we are because we are so proud of our school and our community. I think this provides us a great opportunity to really unite us.”

The branding team includes sophomore Skyler Misiaszek, Art Teacher Rachael Kerner, CES PTO President Dana Brandow, Elementary PE Teacher Eric Biehler, Athletic Director Elise Britt, Board of Education Member Bruce Romanchak, Communications Specialist Jason McCord, and school administrators.

VIP Branding, a company that specializes in designing graphics for schools, is helping the team create the new branding logos. See examples of their work here.

Once designed, the new logos will be used for school spirit wear, banners, signage, the district website, and in numerous other ways to celebrate Schodack CSD. We will keep our community updated as the process moves forward.