Schodack CSD Families,

Earlier today (April 16) we held unannounced lockdown drills in all the district buildings. Each drill lasted approximately 25-30 minutes and they were the third of four lockdown drills New York State requires us to hold each year. The drills were unannounced and the remaining ones this year will also be unannounced to assess how prepared everyone is in the event of a real emergency in our buildings.

For anyone unfamiliar with how these drills work, we announce over the PA system that a lockdown drill has begun. Everyone in the building then follows the lockdown protocols and police officers inspect how well each building is following those protocols, taking note of what, if anything, could be improved.

Thank you to the following police departments for their assistance with today’s drills: Town of Schodack PD, East Greenbush PD, North Greenbush PD, Rensselaer PD and the New York State Police. Additional thanks go to all our students and employees for their cooperation during the drills.