Schodack CSD Community,

As we head into the spring recess (March 29 – April 7), please review the following announcements about:

  • The schedule for Monday, April 8
  • Capital project work over the break

Schedule for Monday, April 8

As you have likely heard by now, there will be a solar eclipse on Monday, April 8. This happens when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, obscuring the Sun for a period of time. 

Schodack Central School District will be open for a regular school day on Monday, April 8, and students will be dismissed at their normal times. Most of the eclipse will be taking place after students have dismissed for the day.

The only change in scheduling for April 8 is that there will be no after school activities or sports that day.

If you and your students plan to observe the eclipse, do not look directly at the Sun unless you use special-purpose solar filter glasses that comply with the ISO 12312-2 safety standard. 

The district will provide these solar filter glasses for all students and we will be distributing them at school on Monday, April 8, for them to bring home. 

Additional Eclipse Viewing/Safety Resources

Capital Project Work Over Break

The following work in our ongoing Spring 2022 Capital Project is taking place at Maple Hill during the spring recess. Please keep this in mind if you need to enter the building during the break.

Abatement work – checking for and removing unsafe materials from a construction area – will take place in the Maple Hill Auditorium Stage & Mezzanine and portions of room 113 and the cafeteria. Protective tent barriers will be set up around these work areas and access to them will be restricted to the contractors during abatement.

The air quality will be monitored throughout by Adelaide Environmental Health and Atlantic Contracting & Specialties will be performing the abatement work. Abatement work will be completed by the time students and staff return on Monday, April 8.