Maple Hill Families,

As outlined in the message we shared with you last month, we have started new procedures at Maple Hill to address some ongoing behavioral issues among our students. One of these new procedures going into effect next week for all Maple Hill students is our digital hall pass system: SmartPass.

This will provide a much more efficient way of knowing which students are outside their classroom and where they are. Not only will the digital pass system help address behaviors we have seen this year, but it will let us quickly locate students not in their classrooms in the event of a real emergency or an emergency drill.

Starting next week, SmartPass will be on each student’s Chromebook, and they can also download the free app to their phone. On it they will select their current location in the school, the location they are going to and then click “request pass”. Those requests automatically go to their teacher who will then give approval to individual hall pass requests.

You do not need to do anything before we start this new system, but we did want to remind you it will be going into effect next week. Thank you and have a great weekend.


Jacqueline Hill, Maple Hill Principal

Hillary Brochu, Maple Hill Assistant Principal