Maple Hill Jr./Sr. High School is proud to announce Students of the 2nd Quarter. The award recognizes outstanding achievements, service to the school or community, or significant improvement in school.

  • 7th – Ava Hoch
  • 8th – Alyssa Gray
  • Freshman – Nicholas Roy
  • Sophomore – Rebecca Hall
  • Junior – Davin Sherwood
  • Senior – Kevin Ackerman

Ava was nominated for being very kind and compassionate to her classmates along with being very helpful in class and always taking on extra tasks. Ava likes to spend her time writing and reading fun fiction. She also likes to listen to K-Pop Group as she enjoys the music and style. She is proud of her hard work in school and Ava’s advice to other students is to try your best in everything and don’t give up even if it’s hard.

Alyssa was nominated for being a hard working student. She is working independently on a poem and is entering a contest offered by Young Writers, Inc. Here at Maple Hill Alyssa is part of the Mental Health Committee as she wants to help make people feel good about themselves and their school day. Alyssa enjoys talking to teachers and checking in with them about their day, especially Mrs. Cavagnaro and Mrs. Stilson. Her advice to other students is to try your best every day, even if things don’t work out the way you expect. Having good and bad days is normal and fine.

Nicholas was nominated for consistently being a hard worker in class with a terrific attitude. Here at Maple Hill Nick is part of the wrestling and baseball teams. His mom refers to him as an “adrenaline junkie.” He enjoys fishing and being outside. Nick is proud of his improvements in Spanish and his success on his midterms. Nick’s advice to other students is do all your work and ask if you need help, keep at it, teachers like it!

Rebecca was nominated for being an all-around great student, who is respectful and has a fantastic and positive attitude. Here at Maple Hill Rebecca is a member of the basketball and soccer teams along with being the Secretary to Student Council. This was Rebecca’s first time on the Principal’s List. Her advice to students is go to your teachers, never give up, and learn from your mistakes. Stay away from the drama and focus on your classes.

Davin was nominated for being an extremely intelligent and respectful student. Here at Maple Hill Davin is a member of the soccer and basketball teams along with Band and Jazz Band. Davin’s favorite memory is Fall Sports Weekend with the Pep Rally and Spirit Week. Davin’s advice to students is the best that you can do is most important.

Kevin was nominated for being a bright and motivated student who demonstrates what it means to adhere to high standards for personal excellence in all his endeavors. Here at Maple Hill Kevin is the captain of the bowling team along with being a member of International Club and playing in the Cavotta Ball Tournament. His best moments so far is cross county, bowling and a sense of camaraderie. Kevin was already accepted to the University of Buffalo to study Pharmacy/Pharmacist.

The faculty and staff wish to congratulate these students on being selected second quarter students for their respective grades.