Information is available in the guidance office and sent via email to the Class of 2020. If directed to submit applications, etc. to the guidance office, you may email them to Mrs. O’Leary at or Mrs. Southard at

The Gerald Stalker “Caring for Others” Scholarship (Awarded on Honors Night)

The Gerald Stalker “Caring for Others” Scholarship is named in memory of Mr. Gerald Stalker who died in the line of duty while driving for the Castleton Volunteer Ambulance on an emergency call. His last selfless act while having a heart attack at the wheel of the ambulance was to slow down, pull to the side of the road, and set the emergency brake. His quick action saved not only the patient on board, but also his crew. A perfect example of how Mr. Stalker would put others before himself.

Since Mr. Stalker spent most of his life giving to others, and helping those who had very little means, this $1,000 scholarship award shall be given directly to the graduating MHHS student who is not only economically challenged, but will be going on to a college or technical program where he/she will be learning how to care for others.

To be considered for the “Caring for Others” Scholarship, you must:

  1. Submit an essay of 300 words or less describing what type of “care giver” field you will be going into, what goals you have set and why you have chosen to do this work. (Including but not limited to: Paramedic, Doctor, Nurse, Social Work, Physical or Occupational Therapy, or General Healthcare, etc.)
  2. Show an economic need for this scholarship.
  3. If there are no Graduates going into the Healthcare fields of study, then a graduating senior who has helped others through community service and shows economic need will be considered.

Please email your essay to Mrs. Southard or Mrs. O’Leary by Thursday, May 21, 2020.

Castleton Ambulance – The Steve Morgan Community Service Award Scholarship (Awarded on Honors Night)

The Steve Morgan Community Service Award Scholarship is given by the Castleton Volunteer Ambulance to a graduating senior from Maple Hill High School or a graduating home-schooled student who most exemplifies what Steve Morgan represented for the Castleton Ambulance and Schodack Community. The award is in the amount of $1,000 and may be divided among multiple winners. To be considered, the applicant should have maintained good grades, be respectful and considerate of others, and do community service with a favor toward the EMS and Fire services. You must also be continuing your education working towards going into the health care services. Applications are available in the guidance office. Completed applications must be returned to the guidance office by May 15, 2020.

The Castleton Fish & Game Protective Association (Presented during Graduation Ceremony)

The Castleton Fish & Game Protective Association is offering two (2) $500.00 cash scholarship awards to two (2) graduating seniors from the 2020 Class of Maple Hill High School.

Graduating seniors interested in applying for the award must submit an essay describing a wildlife conservation/management, environmental conservation, and/or a shooting sports activity that the student participated in during high school. The essay should include an explanation of the student’s degree of commitment to, and benefits of, such activities. The essay must be between a minimum of 250 and a maximum of 1,000 words. The essay may be submitted in handwritten or typed format.

The deadline for graduating seniors interested in the scholarship award is May 11, 2020. Essay submissions should include a cover letter providing their name, address, phone number, and post-high school plans and should be addressed to the following:

Castleton Fish & Game Protective Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 441
East Schodack N.Y. 12063

The Schodack Police Benevolent Association – $250 (Presented during Graduation Ceremony)

Public service is defined as services provided by the government to the people within a certain jurisdiction, funded primarily by taxpayers. Examples include education, emergency services, military, public offices and social services.

In a brief essay (300-500 words), explain your career aspirations and how you will have a positive impact on those receiving services in your field.

Essays must be submitted to Michelle Dellavechia at no later than May 1, 2020.

Schodack Central Faculty Association (Awarded on Honors Night)

The Schodack Central Faculty Association is offering a $3,000 scholarship for a Maple Hill High School senior planning on attending college. The scholarship will be judged and awarded on the following criteria listed in order of importance: (1) Need (2) Student’s scholastic record and (3) Contributions to school and community. The application is attached and is also available in the guidance office. The complete application and necessary forms must be submitted to the guidance office by May 16, 2020.

The Julia O. Wells Memorial Education Foundation (Awarded on Honors Night)

The Julia O. Wells Memorial Education Foundation, Inc. offers a scholarship to a graduating Maple Hill High School senior who plans to pursue a career in Registered Professional Nursing. A $500 scholarship will be awarded. If interested, please submit an essay to the Guidance Office indicating your interest in the field of nursing and on your college/career plans (no more than one page). Along with the essay, please provide documentation indicating provisional acceptance into either a two or four-year accredited Registered Professional Nursing program (students in prerequisite programs do not meet the criteria). Please have your essay to the Guidance Office by May 21, 2020.

The Kim Sgroi Scholarship for Nursing (Presented at Graduation Ceremony)

The Kim Sgroi Scholarship for Nursing was established in order to encourage and support those students dedicated to entering the field of Nursing, the profession that Kim Sgroi has dedicated her life to. To be eligible for this $2,000 Maple Hill High School male or female senior scholarship, you must apply and be accepted to the Nursing Program at Hudson Valley Community College. Please contact Mrs. O’Leary or Mrs. Southard in the Guidance Office if you qualify.

Rensselaer Elks Lodge – Jack Stewart/Ann Collins Scholarship
(Awarded on Honors Night)

The Rensselaer Elks Lodge B.O.P.E. will present the Jack Stewart/Ann Collins Scholarship to one male and one female high school senior from Maple Hill. A $500 scholarship will be awarded to each. Applications have not been received yet. You will be notified when they arrive.

Maple Hill Athletic Booster Club Senior Athlete Award (Presented at Graduation Ceremony)

The Maple Hill Athletic Booster Club Senior Athlete Award will be awarded to a senior boy and girl who, through their participation in athletics, have demonstrated not only outstanding athletic performance, but have also displayed the qualities of dedication, leadership, nominees character, and good sportsmanship encouraged by the Booster Club. All must have played multiple sports (at least two per year) at Maple Hill throughout their high school career. Forms have not been received yet. You will be notified when they arrive.

Eden Renewables

$1,000 scholarship for a graduating MHHS senior who is pursuing a “Green” STEM program in college. We are currently waiting to hear from the company to see if it will be offered this year.