When are working papers required?

Minors under 18, including high school graduates, must obtain working papers before they may begin work. The law makes exceptions for golf and bridge caddies and baby sitters, for minors doing casual household chores, and for minors older than 16 engaged in farm work. It also exempts college students 16 years of age or over who are employed by a nonprofit college or university or fraternity, sorority, student association or faculty.

Who issues working papers?

Applications for working papers are available in the Guidance Office. The Application For Employment Certificate must be signed by a parent or guardian. The Physical Fitness Certification must be signed by the family physician or the school nurse if the student has a physical on file. The physical must have been done within a year of applying for working papers. For additional information on the employment of minors, please visit www.labor.state.ny.us or call 1-800-HIRE992.