These items are included in the CES PTO Kindergarten Supply Kit, for those who pre-ordered.
  • Crayola crayons (TWO 24-packs, basic colors)
  • Crayola colored pencils – classic colors – sharpened 12-pk (or 16-pk)
  • Crayola Washable markers (BASIC-CLASSIC colors – NOTfine point)
  • Elmer’s Glue sticks (6 large, .77 oz.)
  • 5” Metal scissors-rounded tip (Fiskars if possible)
  • 12 sharpened regular #2 pencils (plain – no decorations)
  • 1 hand held eraser
  • 5 Expo Black Fine Tip Dry Erase Markers, Low Odor
  • plastic pencil BOX – about 5” by 8” by 2.5” (not bigger, no zippers)
  • 2 plastic pocket folder with pockets across the bottom (1 red, 1 blue)
  • Small pencil sharpener with a place to sharpen both large and small pencils & a container to catch shavings
  • Headphones — durable style such as Hamilton Buhl Kids- HA2:

Your child will also need a large backpack with NO wheels.

Bring your child’s supplies on Bus Safety day so that your child doesn’t have to carry them all on the first day of school. (Do not label.)

See you in September!

Mrs. Carlson/Mrs. Macri, Mrs. Cook, and Mrs. Pryde