Dear students and families:

Seventh grade is just a short time away. Every student will receive a personal Chromebook to use throughout the school year. To help you be prepared and perhaps take advantage of back-to-school sales, the following is a list of supplies you will need:

  • two-pocket folder
Math 7/Pre-Algebra
  • 3-ring 1-1.5” hard cover binder
  • Scientific calculator (should have fraction keys) (NOT graphing)
  • 1 – two pocket folder
  • notebook or loose-leaf paper
  • 2 – pocket folders (different colors/patterns- any kind)
  • pencils
Social Studies
  • Folder
  • loose leaf paper
Technology Classes
  • 2 – one subject notebook
  • 2 – pocket folders
  • spiral-bound sketchbook
  • pencils and erasers
  • pocket Folder
  • pocket folder
  • Notebook
  • Pocket folder
Physical Education
  • non-marking sneakers
  • change of clothes (T-shirt, shorts, sweat pants, roll-on-deodorant; no sprays)
  • zippered pencil case
  • blue and black pens (no gel pens)
  • #2 pencils and erasers
  • a pair of earbuds or headphones for classroom assignments

We hope that you enjoy a safe, happy summer vacation. See you in September!


7th Grade Teachers