District Office Staff

Jason Chevrier, Superintendent
518-732-2297, option 1

Michael Bennett, Assistant Superintendent for School Administration

Brian Carey, Business Administrator
518-732-2297, option 1

Matt LaClair, Director of Facilities

Lisa Bryda, Accounts Payable
518-732-2297, option 3

Michele Reickert, District Clerk
518-732-2297, option 1

Jill Filkins, District Treasurer, Payroll
518-732-2297, option 4

Jill Hanrahan, Student Registration
518-732-2297, ext. 2354

Lisa Smith-Auer, Continuing Education Coordinator

Jason McCord, Public Information Specialist
518-732-2297, ext. 2222

Surplus Items

A list of surplus items available for public bid is available here.

Private and Parochial School Information

Information for students who attend private or parochial schools is available here.

Vision Statement

Schodack CSD’s Vision Statement is available here.