Schodack students will participate in brief BIMAS (Behavior Intervention Monitoring Assessment System) sessions over the next two weeks. These are the final BIMAS sessions for the 2023-2024 School Year.

If you have opted your students out of participating in BIMAS, there is no need to opt them out again. Those students remain opted out and will not participate in these upcoming sessions.

Spring BIMAS sessions will take place at school during the following date ranges:

Castleton Elementary: May 13-23

Maple Hill: May 20-23

We are always looking for ways to best support our students and are committed to using data to meet their needs. BIMAS is a tool to help us better understand the behavioral and social/emotional needs of our students, allowing for the development of more effective school, classroom and individual intervention plans.

If your student is eligible to receive any services or additional support, you will be notified. The results are not intended for diagnostic purposes or special education classification.


If you have any questions about BIMAS, please reach out to MTSS Coordinator Amy Gerhartz (, Castleton Elementary Principal James Derby ( or Maple Hill Principal Robert Santarcangelo (