The June 2024 Regents and Final Exams Schedules for Maple Hill Jr./Sr. High School students are available below. The last day of classes for grades 9-12 is Thursday, June 13, and Regents begin Friday, June 14.

Regents Days Transportation for Grades 9-12 Students

Grades 9-12 students taking a morning exam will be picked up at regular morning pick-up times. Students only taking morning exams will be picked up from Maple Hill at 11:30 AM and brought home. Students taking morning and afternoon exams may remain at Maple Hill in between them.

For grades 9-12 students taking only an afternoon exam, buses will leave the district garage at 10:30 AM to pick them up. Any student taking afternoon exams may take the bus home at the regular school day dismissal time (2:00 PM) or take the late bus at 3:00 PM.


If you have questions about Regents/final exams or transportation on Regents days, please reach out to the Maple Hill Main Office (518-732-7701)