Originally Posted: April 6, 2023

Schodack CSD Community,

On Wednesday, April 12, the district is allowing the New York State Police Special Operations Response Team to conduct a large-scale training exercise using Maple Hill facilities and grounds. There will be no students in the building since it will be our district’s spring recess and there will be no athletics practices or games at Maple Hill. You may see members of the police team or their vehicles if you pass by the campus that day.

We know some students and community members use our athletic facilities (track, fields, etc) and some teachers like to come into their classrooms during breaks, but please stay off of Maple Hill property until after 2 PM on Wednesday, April 12. We want to ensure all areas are in order when the police team arrives and that there are no obstructions while they are here.

While we have been working with the state police for a few months to plan this exercise, recent events in our district highlight why conducting them is so important and we are happy to assist.

The goal of this exercise is for them to search/secure the area as if they were pursuing a real suspect and get a thorough understanding of the facilities/grounds layout. The police team will be entering Maple Hill grounds from the nearby woods around 12:30 PM. From there, they will make their way into the school building where they will conduct the remainder of the exercise. We expect all officers to be off Maple Hill property by 2:00 PM.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.