Update: April 18, 2023

Reminders for Grade 7-8 Students About April 19-20 ELA Assessments

Grade 7-8 students and families only, please take note of the following for the ELA Assessments on April 19 and April 20.

  • Bring your fully charged Chromebook to school on both dates, grade 7-8 ELA assessments are all virtual.
  • Students should bring a book to read in case they finish early.
  • Students will not be permitted to use their personal electronics (phones, etc) if they finish early. Other than Chromebooks all devices will be collected before testing begins and returned once it has ended. All devices will be labeled with student names and supervised by an adult during testing.

Original Post: April 14, 2023

This is a reminder that the New York State Education Department’s Grade 3-8 Assessments will begin next week and continue through the remainder of the school year. The schedule and a note about electronic-based ELA tests for grade 7-8 students are below.

Charging Grade 7-8 Chromebooks for ELA Assessments

Grade 7-8 students will be taking the ELA Assessments on Chromebooks. This means grade 7-8 students should plan to arrive at school with a fully charged Chromebook for the ELA Assessments on Wednesday, April 19, and Thursday, April 20. Grade 3-6 students will still be taking paper-based ELA Assessments.

Schodack Grade 3-8 State Assessment Schedule for 2023*

Grades 3-8 English Language Arts: Wednesday, April 19 & Thursday, April 20

Grades 3-8 Mathematics: Tuesday, May 2 & Wednesday, May 3

Grade 8 Science Performance: Wednesday, May 24 & Thursday, May 25 (students will take them on the letter day they have their science block)

Grade 8 Science Written: Monday, June 5

* There are no Grade 4 Science Assessments in 2023.