Maple Hill recently welcomed professional basketball player Tay Fisher to the school where he spoke with the grade 7-12 students! Tay Fisher played basketball at the collegiate level for Siena College and eventually went on to become a member of the Harlem Globetrotters for many years. Tay now runs a youth basketball training program and tours schools speaking with students. The assembly was organized by one of Maple Hill’s own students, senior Isabella Seeberger, as part of her National Honor Society service project.

This was an opportunity for Maple Hill students to hear from Tay about his journey as a basketball player and the many lessons he has learned throughout his career about the importance of hard work, dedication, perseverance in achieving your goals and how to overcome setbacks. The assembly involved direct student participation and left time for Tay to answer some of their questions too.

Many thanks to Tay for his visit to Maple Hill and to Isabella for organizing it! Some pictures from Tay’s visit to Maple Hill are below.