Maple Hill’s Class of 2025 (aka the current sophomores) are holding their Cheesecake Fundraiser through February 28, 2023! Your support in this fundraiser will in turn directly support the Class of 2025, plus students will be eligible for prizes based on how many items they sell.

All current sophomores are participating in the fundraiser and you can help them meet their goal of 12 cheesecakes sold and/or donations collected per student.

How to Support the Class of 2025 Cheesecake Fundraiser

To order a cheesecake or make a donation you must speak with a current Maple Hill sophomore.

All sophomores downloaded the Scoreboard FR app at their fundraiser kickoff meeting this month. Let a sophomore know you want to help out with their fundraiser campaign and they will share a link to their personal online Storefront where you can make a purchase (for $24) or make a donation. Sophomores can take orders and donations for their campaigns up through Tuesday, February 28. If ordering cheesecakes, the sophomore you ordered from will be picking them up on Thursday, March 23.