Please see the message and information below from Maple Hill Principal, Jason Breh.

Maple Hill Families,

We had a smooth start to the school year.  It was wonderful to see our faculty, staff, and students back in the building.  We kicked off the first day with student assemblies highlighting our building-wide expectations of being safe, responsible, and respectful while at school.  Our Wildcats were attentive and it’s clear that everyone came back to school ready to learn.  

There are some changes at Maple Hill this year.  We are wrapping more support and structure around our advisory time which is from 9:03-9:18 daily.  Advisories are small, purposeful learning communities that foster connections among students and faculty/staff, help students build social-emotional learning strategies, as well as increase students’ self-awareness and self-regulation skills.  Advisory is also a great opportunity for advisors to meet with classes and clubs.  Students also get to enjoy some free time on Fridays and talk with friends, play board games, relax, and get organized and caught up on work before the weekend.

Maple Hill uses the digital SmartPass system, an electronic platform designed to replace the need to physically write out passes.  SmartPass saves time and helps our school better understand the flow of students in our hallways.  Knowing which students are in our hallways and away from a teacher is vital during any emergency situation.  

Although we are trying to limit the amount of students in our hallways, our school’s breakout spaces can still be utilized under the direction of a teacher or when a student needs a quick break.  They’re also used for individual study, one-on-one interaction, or when students have a group project they need to work on.  As long as it’s not distracting to nearby classes, students can get SmartPasses from teachers to utilize these spaces.  We also have a space next to our cafeteria that students can enjoy if they need a quieter atmosphere.  Right now, we are limiting the use of the atrium to just a few students at a time.

As you can imagine, cell phone use can pose a distraction to the learning environment and we always want to encourage responsible cell phone use while at school.  Currently, students are only allowed to use cell phones under the direction of a teacher when they are in a class, advisory, or study hall.  At times, a teacher’s lesson may involve using a cell phone or other device.  Students may also use cell phones during lunch periods.

There was some frustration last week regarding senior privileges and I want to assure you that our seniors will have them.  A survey went out to all seniors that asked what privileges they would like to have.  We are meeting with seniors this week to create a plan that encourages responsible and safe fun during their senior year.  

Our first week of school at Maple Hill is in the books and our Wildcats are looking forward to the coming weeks.  Teaching and learning are happening!  As always, please feel free to reach out to us here at Maple Hill Jr./Sr. High School with any questions you may have.  My door is always open!


Jason M. Breh
Maple Hill Jr.Sr. High School

Some additional reminders


  • School start and end times – Doors open at 7:25, first block starts at 7:40, last block ends at 2.
  • Student drop-off reminders – Please, remember to pull up and around to the first sign.  Stopping at the main entrance creates an unsafe traffic jam and affects the student drop-off process.
  • Student attendance – If you know your child will be absent or if you have to pick them up before the close of the school day, please provide a written note or email to the following address:
  • Student Parking – Juniors can start registering their vehicles to drive to school starting Monday, September 12th.  Please, remember that students who drive to school may lose their parking privileges if they are consistently late to school.  
  • Academic recognition – Honor Roll (minimum 85 average and no failing grades), High Honor Roll (minimum 90 average and no failing grades), and Principal’s List (minimum 95 average and no failing grades). All courses, including physical education are included in determining these recognitions.
  • National Honor Society – The Faculty Council has decided to move the process up to allow students to be eligible after their first four semesters of high school, which equates to the fall of their Junior year.  A letter to families regarding this change can be found here.   
  • COVID Protocols – Students and staff who test positive must be isolated for 5 days. They can resume school after that if they are fever free for 24 hours (without using medication) and their symptoms are improving.  They must wear a mask through day 10. 

Sports and Athletics: 

  • Fall sports are in full swing and Maple Hill athletes came back from summer ready to participate in athletics! Please, remember that students will need to complete the concussion course in the library. All JV/ Varsity players are scheduled to take it September 14th.  Modified players are scheduled to take it September 22nd. 
  • If any student athlete is staying after school for a sports practice or game they are required to go to their designated sports study hall. 7th and 8th grade student athletes will go to the auditorium. 9th- 12th grade student athletes will go to the cafeteria. 
  • Health exams (physical exams) for participation in school athletics can be scheduled at any time during the calendar year.
  • A health exam for athletics is valid for a period of 12 months through the last day of the month in which the health exam was conducted.
  • An Interval Health History must be completed and signed by a parent/guardian before each sports season if the health exam has not been conducted within 30 days of the start of the sports season.

Food backpack program – Maple Hill supports families with food insecurities by sending students home with a backpack full of food on weekends. If additional food is needed, we can provide that as well. The food backpack program will begin at the end of September/early October. Your student will be connected to the program at school through the social worker. This program is confidential.  If you are interested in being a part of this program, please reach out to Michelle Stilson, Social Worker at the Jr/Sr HS or Jennifer Sober, Social Worker at CES.

Events and Meetings

  • Booster Club meeting – Monday, September 12th @ 7pm in the Maple Hill Cafeteria.
  • Back to School Night (Open House) and Clubs Fair – Wednesday, September 21st @ 6pm.  It’s a great time to talk with your child’s teachers and learn about clubs and activities that your child may be interested in.  This will be an in-person event. 
  • Music Parents Association Meeting – Wednesday, September 21st @ 7pm.
  • Grades 7-11 Picture Day – Thursday, September 29th.
  • Grades 7-8 Back to School Dance – Friday, September 30th @ 6pm