The Castleton Elementary “Hope Wins” T-Shirt Design Contest is accepting student design submissions through Tuesday, October 11!

The theme for the contest is inspired by the book Hope Wins and there will be one winning student design featured on CES school spirit t-shirts later this year! If your CES student wants to submit a design to the contest, just have them follow the rules below:

  1. Directions: Use plain white paper – Draw in pencil or black pen only, no color – name, grade and teacher must be written on the back of the paper
  2.  Design: It must be related to the theme “Hope Wins” – “CES 2022-2023” must be incorporated into the design – The drawing must be an original work by the student
  3. Turn In: Designs are due by Tuesday, October 11, to homeroom teachers or Mrs. Gregoire

Email Mrs. Gregoire at

T-Shirt Design Contest for Castleton Elementary