Schodack Families of K-8 Students,

We are excited to be offering our “Wildcat Summer Academy,” a summer learning program for students currently in grades K-8 (ie: in K-8 during the 21-22 year). This free program offers your student extra support during the summer months to reinforce their critical math, science and ELA skills. We do this through activities focusing on science, technology, engineering, art and math.

Wildcat Summer Academy Overview

See a full program overview of Wildcat Summer Academy here to determine if it’s right for your Schodack student. Wildcat Summer Academy runs from July 11 – August 5 and is from 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM.

The overall goal of this program is to reinforce over the summer what your student learned in the grade level they just completed. Additionally, we will prepare them for their upcoming grade level which will begin in Fall 2022. There will be a one-week focus on each of the following subjects: Math, Literacy, SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and Science, Technology & Engineering.

Transportation will be provided as needed to and from locations within the district. If your student will need transportation, they must be registered by Monday, July 4. 

We know summer is a busy time, so there is no minimum attendance required. Registered students may attend as many weeks of the program as they are able to.

How to Register Your Student for Wildcat Summer Academy

Register for Wildcat Summer Academy Using the Form Here

If you have any questions before registering your student, please reach out to one of our Assistant Principals using the contact information below:

Nicole Martin, Castleton Elementary Assistant

Hillary Brochu, Maple Hill Assistant

FAQS About Wildcat Summer Academy
  • Is this program the same as the Extended School Year (ESY) program?
    • No, these are two separate programs. Wildcat Summer Academy is for any student who qualifies and is NOT already enrolled in the ESY program.
  • How many students will be in a class?
    • There will not be exact numbers until closer to July 11, but we estimate around 15 students per class.