Below you can find all the information for Maple Hill’s Grade 9-12 “A Night to Remember” All Night Party starting at 6:00 PM on Friday, March 25. Please carefully review the message from Ms. Delaney about the All Night Party below and remember the following important information:

All Forms Must Be Completed

All the forms in the information packet must be completed and returned to class advisors in order for students to attend the All Night Party. The information packet and forms are available here.

Waiver for Trampoline Park

In addition to the forms mentioned above, all students attending the All Night Party must fill out the Get Air Trampoline Park waiver form online here.

Payment for All Night Party

The cost of attending the All Night Party is $50 per student and payments are due Monday, March 21. Cash or checks (made out to “Student Activity Account/HS SADD”) should be given to class advisors along with the completed forms. If this event poses a financial hardship please reach out to maple Hill School Psychologist/SADD Advisor Jennifer Delaney ( or 518-732-7701 ext. 1255) to discuss further.

Dear Parents and Guardians:

We are so excited that we are able to have our All Night Party this year!!! From 6:00 p.m. Friday, March 25th until 3:30 a.m. Saturday, March 26th Maple Hill Jr. /Sr. High School’s chapter of SADD will be sponsoring an All Night Party. 

We hope that we can build a strong sense of unity among our students and create an atmosphere of good feelings and fun!  For this special event, only Maple Hill Jr. /Sr. high school students in grades 9-12 will be allowed to attend. All students must be transported from one activity to the next on the buses provided.  Students can stay for the entire evening or can be picked up at 1:30am when we return to school. All school rules will be enforced at all locations.

We are encouraging students not to drive themselves to the high school on Friday night. The party will be ending at school on Saturday and we are recommending that parents pick up on Saturday morning. We do not want a lot of very tired students driving themselves home.

We will be collecting $50 from each student starting Monday, March 14th.   Checks should be made out to the Student Activity Account/HS SADD. We would like to have all money collected by Monday, March 21st.  Please attach cash or check to the permission slip enclosed to assist in our bookkeeping.  Students will bring their permission forms and money to their class advisor. All students must fill out the trampoline park waiver form, permission slip and field trip form. 

It is our hope that all students will attend this event.  If this event poses a financial hardship please reach out to Jennifer Delaney  732-7701(1255); we do not want to turn anyone away due to lack of funds.  If you have any questions, please call Jennifer Delaney at school at 732-7701.


Jennifer Delaney 
SADD Advisor