All 2021-2022 school COVID-19 updates can be found on the district’s 2021-2022 Reopening & COVID-19 Updates page here.

Dear Schodack Community,

On Sunday I shared with you that Governor Hochul is ending the state mask mandate for schools effective Wednesday, March 2. This means starting tomorrow masks will be optional for Schodack students and staff. As the governor stated in that announcement, this is a major sign that things are improving all around New York State but I ask that you please note the following before tomorrow.   

First, as of right now the governor’s verbal statement at her press conference about the mask mandate is the only recent change in COVID-19 regulations that school districts have received. At this time no further updated regulations have been given about quarantine/isolation, physical distancing, testing, if masking would need to return under certain circumstances, etc. The governor did state on Sunday that further updated regulations for school districts will likely be available in writing at some point this week. Once we have these updated regulations we will review them and communicate what they mean for Schodack as quickly as we can. 

Secondly, while masks will no longer be required by the state in our schools, any of our students or faculty/staff who wish to continue wearing them may do so. Some are ready for masks to go away but some also understandably still have concerns and will continue wearing them. Please talk with your student(s) about the personal health choices of others and remind them to be respectful of those making choices different from their own. 


Jason M. Chevrier
Schodack Central School District