Did you know that Mrs. DeMassio’s 3rd grade Castleton Elementary class recently had the truly awesome chance to participate in an Author Fan Face-off with Holes author, Louis Sachar?!

In each episode of Author Fan Face-off, one writer and one fan (or many fans in the case of Mrs. DMassio’s class) go head-to-head in a competition based on one of that author’s books. The 3rd graders were so excited to participate that they even created team shirts for the occasion!

See who knows the book better – Mrs. Demassio’s class or the author himself – in the video below and also enjoy some pictures of the students getting their Author Fan Face-off shirts ready! Thanks to Mr. Sachar for his participation and thanks to our own Stacey Rattner (CES Librarian/Author Fan Face-off co-host) for helping to make it happen!