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Dear Schodack Families,

I want to let you know about a new system we have in place should a situation arise where we do not have enough drivers for all our morning buses on a given day. With times still being uncertain due to COVID, there are some days when many of our drivers need to call in at the last minute. This in turn could lead to a possible last-minute scenario where so many drivers call in that we would not have enough people to drive all our morning bus routes. 

Should this happen, families on the affected bus routes would receive an automated phone call from the district early in the morning. In that call you would be informed of the situation and asked a 2 question yes/no survey:

  1. Are you able to drive your child to school today? 
  2. Will your child still need district transportation to school today?   

If you cannot drive your child(ren) that morning and they still need district transportation, then one of our buses would come to pick them up at their regular stop once it finishes its other route. Any student in need of district transportation in this scenario would be picked up as soon as possible, though we would be unable to provide you with an exact arrival time. My hope is that we will not need to do this at all, but I feel it is best to have a system in place should the need arise. I appreciate your patience and understanding in advance.  


Jason M. Chevrier
Schodack Central School District