During Mr. Austin’s block 1 U.S. History class, junior Andy Hacker volunteered to come in and do a presentation and live reenactment dressed as a WWII soldier!
Andy’s interest in the war started when he was younger when he learned that many of his relatives (including his grandfathers) had fought in the conflict. He’s spent time in his grandparents’ attic and loves finding, and learning about, 1930s/1940s artifacts and relics. He has recently completed his certification requirements to become an official reenactor.
Andy says he’s the youngest member of his “regiment” and he looks forward to sharing his knowledge with more groups once the pandemic restrictions loosen. Today, Andy used props, including an actual WWII medic kit, a gas mask, several helmets, and a 1920s phonograph record player (with selections from Bing Crosby and Al Jolson, among others). Great job Andy!
Andy Hacker presenting
Andy Hacker and Mr. Austin