Schodack CSD Families,


Thursday, March 12, 2020 was the final day that all students were inside our school buildings at the same time. A Superintendent’s Conference Day gave students a long weekend and during those three days, the COVID-19 pandemic descended upon us, sending us into a remote learning environment for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.

Over the past 12 months, each and every department within our school district responded and stepped up to the plate for our students.

Our food service department distributed thousands of meals to students during the school closure and straight through the summer. Transportation staff distributed directly to students’ homes when needed, and adapted to changing bus routes, and health and safety protocols.

Our technology department worked to make sure that each student had a device and that everyone was able to connect to wireless internet for online classes. Since the district had already implemented a 1:1 device initiative for grades 7-12, each student already had their own computer. IT, building support staff, administration, transportation, and facilities all worked together to get district families the devices they needed. Some families needed a Chromebook, some needed a hotspot for internet connectivity, and some needed both. During the initial shutdown, in addition to the 400-plus devices already in the hands of grades 7-12 students, we deployed approximately 140 additional computers and more than 20 internet hotspots.

Faculty and staff have worked to develop new ways of teaching and learning, implementing new learning platforms, including Canvas. The PikMyKid application was integrated into drop-off and pick-up routines to ensure the health and safety of our students who were learning in-person.

Our nursing staff are our very own frontline workers, involved in contact tracing and COVID-19 testing for athletics.

Maintenance crews learned about new health and safety protocols and spent many hours disinfecting all areas of our campuses.

Athletics created plans to give our student-athletes a chance to compete and worked with the technology department to create a way for livestreaming games for families to watch from home when spectators weren’t allowed in-person.

Administrators were tasked with the duty of creating reopening plans over the summer. Superintendents from across the area have been involved in more than 50 meetings with County Health Departments, regional superintendents and our BOCES to coordinate efforts, share best practices and supplies for the COVID-19 response.

Our students have had their world turned upside down, but they adapted to all of the changes that were presented to them.

Our faculty and staff have communicated effectively with our school community, keeping them up-to-date on changes in real time.

Our Board of Education and community as a whole have come together to provide opportunities for students who are learning both remote and in-person.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every staff member, student, parent and family member who has helped us give our students the best learning experience possible considering the circumstances. We could not have done it without you.



Jason Chevrier
Superintendent of Schools