Over break this letter was sent out about upcoming changes to the Jr./Sr. HS schedule. We have received a few questions and wanted to clarify some information.

Hybrid students will still only be attending classes in-person on their assigned day; on opposite days they will continue to be remote. Full remote students will continue to be full remote for all classes.

On Wednesday, students will either be virtually attending their “A day” classes (Monday/Thursday) or their “Bday” classes(Tuesday/Friday) depending on the letter day on the calendar. These classes will be in place of the 15-minute virtual check-ins that have been occurring, and will now be 55-minute live classes. Unless otherwise noted in your letter, your child will be taking classes remotely every Wednesday. Overall, this change increases instructional time for students throughout the semester.

Every Wednesday afternoon from 1:10-2:00 p.m., office hours will be held for students to get academic assistance from their teachers. All teachers will be available at this time, similar to a traditional after school block. It will be important to encourage your student to participate in this time for support.

There is a meeting for students at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow (Jan. 6) on Google Meet for questions. Parents are welcome to attend. Students have all been emailed the link. As always please feel free to call with any questions.