Dear students and parents,


This is not an easy message to deliver, but I am writing to inform you that the District will not be able to offer the ski club program this year. It is disappointing not only for the students, but for the District as well. Ski club is well attended and provides students with a sport to keep them active throughout the winter months. The District is committed to putting students’ health and safety first and therefore cannot responsibly offer ski club this year.

There are many factors that played a part in making this decision.

  • To provide safe transportation it would require many more buses which would prove to be costly for families.
  • Supervision would be difficult without a central location at the mountain for students and their belongings.
  • Massachusetts has implemented new restrictions as of today. With COVID-19 cases up 30%, MA is only allowing up to 10 people for indoor dining.

Jiminy Peak is offering the following discounted options for a short time:

  • 5/7 Saving Card – offered at $57. This card allows you to save $20 on any Twilight lift ticket (non-holiday). But wait, there’s more! You will also receive a FREE TICKET, valid for any non-holiday Twilight lift pass if purchased prior to 11/15/2020.
  • 6 pack – $199. This will be offered as a card that holds 6 individual Twilight passes valid any non-holiday. This can be used any day starting 1/4/21. Please note that if you do not use all passes, you will forfeit them.

We recognize that this is disappointing to students and families, but we feel it is the right decision at this time.




Jason M. Chevrier