At this time, the Rensselaer County Department of Health has officially confirmed the positive staff member case and has investigated the case for contact tracing. The county has determined that no individuals were identified as close contacts per the CDC guidelines. Questar III assisted the county with these efforts by providing attendance records and other information. Individuals at Maple Hill Educational Center are asked to self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms.




Dear Parents, Staff, and Community Members:

The District was informed of a positive test for COVID-19 for a Questar III employee working in the former middle school building, which also houses our District Office and the Story Place Preschool. While this information has not yet been confirmed by the County Department of Health, we feel it is important to present our community with this information.

As per New York State Education Department and New York State Department of Health guidelines, the Rensselaer County Department of Health was notified immediately. The District is working closely with the County DOH and following all guidance provided by them. The Albany County DOH will take the lead role in any further steps that may be necessary such as additional testing of individuals or contact tracing, as that is the county of residence of the individual. In the event you are contacted by a representative of the County DOH or the District, we encourage you to offer your complete cooperation.

In addition to taking the immediate steps to isolate the individual, the District is currently implementing the “deep cleaning/disinfection” of any potentially impacted area as per NYS DOH and CDC guidelines. The Questar program (the Maple Hill Educational Center) housed in our building will be remote on Monday, though this has no impact on our own K-12 program, which will operate as normal on Monday, Oct. 5. If there is another direct impact on you such as transportation or your own child’s class(es), you will be contacted by the District.

While I fully understand you would like additional details, we are not permitted by privacy laws to identify the staff member involved. We have provided as much information as possible. In these challenging times, rest assured that the District’s priority is protecting the health, welfare, and safety of students and staff while complying with any government orders and guidance related to the opening of schools.

To read a release from Questar III, click here.

I appreciate your understanding of the situation.

Very truly yours,

Jason Chevrier
Superintendent of Schools