The weekend of our big event is here!  I hope you are as excited as we are to see this happen all across our school families’ homes. Students will be able to participate in all of the fun throughout the entire weekend! The goal is to have it completed by 11:59pm Monday, Oct. 12th.

Before we begin, we want to extend our deepest gratitude for participating, in whatever way you were able to, during this program. If you watched videos – THANK YOU. If you asked your students character questions – THANK YOU. If you gave financially – THANK YOU. If you shared your pledge page and asked others for donations – THANK YOU. All of it benefits and strengthens our school community.

Now who is ready to celebrate?! The Booster team has created two at-home fitness options for our school:

Dance Fit is a dancing event where our students will be moving and grooving to the beat for 35 minutes! Students will follow along with a video for five rounds of dancing and exercising. This fun, digital experience will feature Just Dance® videos, fun dance moves, exercises, and group dances!

They’ve also created a “plug and play” soundtrack you can use if your students choose to run in the Fun Run instead.  Your child is to run 35 laps.  If the event were held at school, 35 laps would be the equivalent of about 2 miles, so you can be creative about your child running or break it up if you need to.


Instructions for the Castleton Fun Run/Dance Fit:


  1. We want students to have FUN above all else! If they need some rest or a moment to catch their breath, great! There will be REST breaks within the video/soundtrack, but if they need some additional time for rest, that is ok too!
  2. Our school will be crediting all students as completing 35 laps or minutes danced unless notified otherwise.
  3. If you take a photo or video of your student participating in the CES Fun Run, post it to our FACEBOOK INFO page! Also, you can send pictures to for the district to post.
  4. If you post a photo or video on social media, make sure to tag @ChooseBooster on Facebook and Instagram! They just might repost it!
  5. All that’s left now is to press PLAY! Click on the link below for the Dance Fit video or Fun Run soundtrack, and they should play through in their entirety!

DANCE FIT VIDEO LINK: Castleton Dance Fit Video

FUN RUN SOUNDTRACK: Castleton Fun Run Soundtrack

You can also access these videos by checking the “Alerts” tab on your page! It will give you the password you need to access the videos.

Thank you for all of your help making this program such a success! Have fun this weekend!