Important Information Regarding Grades and Report Cards K-6

Report cards are being mailed home on June 26, 2020

We are proud of the participation and engagement of our students, community, faculty and staff during home instruction. We understand that due to a variety of factors, it was a challenge for many students and families to manage online home instruction. Given the situation and environment, measuring a student’s true understanding of the skills and concepts taught through home instruction is difficult. However, the participation in class meetings and work submitted online, or on paper, gave our teachers information about students’ level of exposure and engagement with the skills taught. Educators worked hard to provide feedback to students and families through various forms of communication. Due to these challenges, several adjustments were made to our grading system and report cards this quarter. You can expect to see the following changes on your child’s report card:

No Quarter 3 Grades

Quarter 3 fields are marked “–” and the combined information is reported under Quarter 4.

Special Areas

We greatly value our special area classes (Art, Music, PE, Chorus, Band) and are proud of all the participation and the work shared. Many of our students were recognized for their hard work and participation through social media posts, slideshows, morning announcements and more. We are not reporting grades for these areas this quarter. Students will receive “NA” for each special area with the potential for added comments.

Priority Standards and Focus Skills

All school districts faced the challenge of prioritizing grade level standards and skills that they would focus on teaching and assessing during the closure. We worked with grade level teams and subject area departments to ensure consistency in the critical skills needed to be successful moving forward into the next grade. On the K-3 report cards, skills that were not able to be taught or measured during home instruction are marked “NA.”

New Scoring Keys K-3 and 4-6

You will see a revised scoring key on the report card titled, “2020 Home Instruction Key.” The new key is meant to communicate levels of participation and instructional engagement within each academic area. A score of “I-Incomplete” was given if there was little or no participation with the class meetings or assignments. This does not result in failure of a class or grade level but provides information about potential remediation needed in the fall.

K-3 Learner Behaviors and Work Habits

No scores were given. Fields are marked “–”

Looking Ahead

Students will move forward to the next grade level in the fall. The district is currently working to develop plans for the fall that will include assessing students, teaching to the gaps in curriculum, and remediation for students who need additional support.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Mr. Derby or Mrs. Rosher at 518-732-7755.