Maple Hill Jr./Sr. High School is proud to announce Students of the 3rd Quarter. The award recognizes outstanding achievements, service to the school or community, or significant improvement in school.

  • 7th – Henry Hickock
  • 8th – Emily Ramm
  • Freshman – Isabella Seeberger
  • Sophomore – Ethan Wilkinson
  • Junior – Kathryn Hannay
  • Senior – Alexandra Ocasio

Henry was nominated for consistently doing his work since we left school, continues to reach out and ask questions, and has made great effort overall to go above and beyond. Here at Maple Hill, Henry is a member of Builders Club and Book Club and he had planned on doing track and field. Outside of school, he enjoys playing video games and hanging out with friends. Henry plans to go to college but at this time is unsure as to his career choice.

Emily was nominated for making a strong effort to do her best. She has kept up with her assignments, and will continuously go back into assignments, take feedback, and improve. Here at Maple Hill, Emily is a member of track and field and Literary Magazine. Outside of school, she enjoys bike riding and playing outside. Emily plans to go to college and hopes to become a math teacher or a nurse.

Isabella was nominated for always being a student who cares about her work and wants to do well. Since switching to online learning, she has checked in with her teacher on every assignment to check her answers and make sure she is understanding the material correctly. Here at Maple Hill, Isabella is a member of SADD and was on the basketball team. Outside of school, she is part of the AAU basketball team and helps at her family’s orchard. Isabella plans to go to college and she thinks she would like to work in the field of criminal justice or law.

Ethan was nominated for putting in exceptional effort since we’ve had to leave school. He consistently gets his work done on time, shows up for Google Meets, and participates in extra enrichment activities. Here at Maple Hill, Ethan is a member of Key Club, International Club, Recycling Club, Ski Club, SADD, and Swing Choir. Outside of school, he likes to bike ride and go skiing. Ethan’s top three choices of college are the University at Albany, Rutgers University and SUNY Oswego. He would like to study meteorology or atmospheric sciences.

Kathryn was nominated for having exemplary attendance and participation during Google Meet sessions. She is a role model of how to take charge of one’s education. Here at Maple Hill, Katy was a member of Art Club. Outside of school, she boxes and is a member of an archery league. Katy would like to major in illustration, and has been looking into the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Alexandra was nominated for being an extremely bright young lady who balances everything in her life extremely well. She is kind, thoughtful, and speaks up for important issues. Here at Maple Hill, Lexi is a member of National Honor Society and helps in the AR/VR room after school. Outside of school, she enjoys cooking and baking. Lexi is going to Hudson Valley Community College and will be in the nursing program.

The faculty and staff wish to congratulate these students on being selected third quarter students for their respective grades.