Principal Jacqueline Hill, Assistant Principal Jodi Sullivan and the Guidance Office have put together this FAQ to answer questions for grades 7-11 students.

If you have other questions, please email Thank you.

Q: Are we still going to have prom? (Grade 11)

A: We have changed the date of prom to June 19th. Our hope is to push it further in the year and not need to cancel. As we get more guidance about restrictions we will revisit this.

Q: Are we still going on our class trips?

A: We are working with the hotels, transportation and other venues to find out the last possible date we have to make this decision. We will need to follow restrictions set in place by NYS and other states being visited.

Q: Will we have Honors Night?

A: We are still hopeful that we will have Honors Night, but we may have to postpone it to a later date if needed.

Q: How are we going to be graded for the remainder of the school year?

A: All regional school districts are currently discussing a plan for how we will grade students for the remainder of the school year if we have an extended closing. We are waiting for guidance from Governor Cuomo about how long he expects the school closure to last. Right now, we are asking teachers to track participation and effort and we will give more information as we make decisions for quarter 3. Students are expected to complete work and participate in class to the best of their ability.

Q: How are AP exams being given?

A: AP guidance has been sent to all students and teachers. The guidance office sent out correspondence as well with information specific to Advanced Placement Exams.

Q: Are we having Regents exams and what about the lab hour requirement?

A: The state has waived the lab hour requirement in order to take the Regents exam. This does not mean you are not responsible for labs that your teachers assign. We are still waiting for guidance from New York State Education Department regarding Regents exams.

Q: Are we still having the New York State 3-8 math and ELA tests and 8th grade science assessment?

A: New York State has suspended these assessments for the remainder of the 19-20 school year.

Q: Will we still have 8th grade orientation?

A: We are still hopeful that we will have 8th grade orientation at school, but we will have to postpone it to a later date. We guarantee to get all information out to parents and students if we are not able to meet together as a group at school.

Q: How will we select classes for next school year?

A: In the near future, students entering grades 10 -12 will receive information with course selection options and instructions to complete their course requests in the Student Portal on eschool. Students can review course descriptions in the Course Directory 2020-2021, available in the Guidance section on the website.