In order to acknowledge and respect the hard work of AP Students and preserve the opportunity for earning college credit, the College Board has decided to go forward with AP testing by allowing at-home testing.

The College Board will streamline the content that is covered on the test, shorten the exam and provide additional resources for learning and review. Your AP teachers will be sharing specific information with you and revising their courses accordingly.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your teacher, Ms. Hill, Mrs. O’Leary or Mrs. Hebert.

Tests Will Be Taken Home
  • Tests will be a 45 minute online exam (Free-response type questions).
  • Can be taken on any device a student has access to including a computer, tablet, smartphone or by submitting a picture of written work.
Content Covered
  • Tests will cover only content that most AP teachers have covered by early March.
  • See table below for Units covered for each AP Course.
Additional Resources for Learning and Review
Test Dates
  • Two testing dates will be offered to choose from. Teachers will discuss with students which date will be most beneficial for particular AP classes. Dates will be posted on April 3.
Testing Security
  • College Board is confident the integrity of the exams will be protected.
  • They employ multiple digital security tools.
  • This process has been used in the past on a smaller scale for other emergency testing with success.
Colleges are on board and will accept qualifying scores on these exams for credit.
AP Subject Exam question(s) will only cover: Exam questions (s) will NOT cover: Exam question type(s) Exam Date #1 Exam Date #2
Art History Units 1-6 Units 7-10 * * *
Biology Units 1-6 Units 7-8 * * *
Calculus AB Units 1-7 Unit 8 * * *
Computer Science A Units 1-7 Units 8-10 * * *
English Literature & Composition Units 1-7 Units 8-9 * * *
Environmental Science Units 1-7 Units 8-9 * * *
Government and Politics: U.S. Units 1-3 Units 4-5 * * *
Physics 1 Units 1-7 Units 8-10 * * *
Psychology Units 1-7 Units 8-9 * * *
U.S. History Units 1-7 Units 8-9 * * *
World History Units 1-6 Units 7-9 * * *

* Information expected on April 3