Author/Illustrator Elisha Cooper listens to students

Castleton Elementary School welcomed author and illustrator Elisha Cooper to school Oct. 17, asking him questions about his books that they had read and learning tips about drawing.

In recognition of his latest book “River,” a story about a woman’s canoe adventure down the Hudson River, a canoe was set up in the school gym during the Monthly Morning Assembly, which Mr. Cooper gamely sat in.

“We are excited to welcome Mr. Cooper, a Caldecott Honor winner, to our school today,” said Principal James Derby, as the gym full of students roared its welcome.

Students sang songs inspired by rivers and 5th graders presented overviews of each of his books, followed by questions they wrote.

Mr. Cooper then spent the day speaking with students, answering their questions about his writing, sharing his drawing process from sketches to painting, and even helping them draw.

“One thing I hope you remember is that when you go to a library, books look clean and crisp but they represent a lot of mess and work because it’s the end of a long process,” Mr. Cooper told students.

Thank you for visiting our school and inspiring our students!

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