Keri Rosher, a reading specialist and language arts coordinator from Guilderland CSD, has joined Castleton Elementary School as an assistant principal to provide additional support for students, parents, faculty and staff as the school transitions to a K-6 school this fall.

Mrs. Rosher worked for seven years at Guilderland CSD, also serving as principal of their K-12 summer special education program for three years. She started her career in Hoosic Valley CSD, where she worked for seven years as a first grade teacher.

“I’m excited to be here in Schodack. The community here is so supportive and involved in the schools,” said Mrs. Rosher. “I look forward to meeting students, teachers, community members and learning about ways I can support them.”

Superintendent Jason Chevier noted the addition of an assistant principal at Castleton Elementary School is the last piece of an administrative restructuring as the district moves to a K-6 and Gr. 7-12 model this fall. Castleton Elementary School will become the largest school in the district with nearly 500 students.

“This allows us to increase support at the building level and provides greater follow through and oversight of district initiatives and curriculum,” said Mr. Chevrier. “Keri comes to us with extensive knowledge in elementary education and reading in particular. I have no doubt she will be a great asset to Castleton Elementary as we enter this exciting time for our school district.”

Mrs. Rosher explained her passion for reading comes from her time as a first grade teacher when she saw how important early literacy experiences are for children. But she noted her administrative experience at Guilderland CSD also provided her experience in K-12 special education and curriculum.

“My heart is in literacy” said Mrs. Rosher. “But I’m also excited to work with teachers across all curriculum areas. ¬†I enjoy learning about new technologies and ways to bring innovation and creativity into the classroom.”

Mrs. Rosher added that Schodack CSD’s close knit community was also attractive to her as she missed the feeling of working in a smaller district.

“I already feel very welcomed and like I belong here in Schodack. When I toured the elementary building, I could feel the joy and the excitement for learning and connecting with kids,” said Mrs. Rosher.

Mrs. Rosher lives in Halfmoon with her husband Brian and two daughters, Cora and Alaina, ages 4 and 3, respectively.

Families will have a chance to meet Mrs. Rosher on Wednesday, Aug. 29 at the annual Popsicles with Mr. Derby from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the playground.