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Jason Chevrier, Superintendent

Schools Will Be Ready for Start of School Year


High School Band RoomSchodack CSD would like to reassure our community that construction at both Castleton Elementary School and Maple Hill High School are moving steadily forward and school will open on time this fall.


"We know the outside of the schools look like they won't be ready for school but we'll be ready for Sept. 6," said Superintendent Jason Chevrier. "Over the next few weeks our community will see the projects really come together."


The district will share weekly progress updates on the Capital Project until the opening of school. If parents have any questions, they are encouraged to please contact Mr. Chevrier or their student's principal.


"If you have a question, please don't hesitate to reach out to us," said Mr. Chevrier. "We want to make sure parents and students have all the answers they need."


Behind High SchoolWhile the exterior of the buildings may look like they are in the middle of construction, Director of Facilities Matt LaClair noted that much of the structural work is nearing completion. The finishing work moves much quicker, Mr. LaClair noted, and progress will be more visible in the upcoming weeks.


At Castleton Elementary School, parents and students will notice some minor work this fall, such as painting and finishing, but major construction is expected to be completed by September.


At Maple Hill High School, the district hopes the new entrance will be completed by September but there is a possibility the old business office entrance will have to continue to be used this fall. The district will keep parents and students updated before the start of school.


"Unfortunately contractors found a lot more asbestos during construction than we expected which has slowed work down some," said Mr. LaClair. "But contractors did the right thing and made sure it was removed safely instead of rushing the project. Safety is the most important thing in this project."


Mr. LaClair stressed that while buildings will be ready for the start of school, the Capital Project is not scheduled to be completed until 2018. Much of that work will take place next summer, although some work will continue at the High School during the school year.