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Jason Chevrier, Superintendent

Jacqueline Hill Appointed Maple Hill Principal


Schodack CSD is proud to announce Middle School Principal Jacqueline Hill was appointed Principal of Maple Hill High School at the Nov. 2 Board of Education meeting.


"We are very excited to have Ms. Hill transition to High School Principal," said Superintendent Jason Chevrier. "Ms. Hill was selected after an extensive search with stakeholder groups of students, parents, faculty and staff. Her commitment to students, knowledge of our community, and embodiment of Maple Hill's values make her a clear choice for the position."


Ms. Hill has been with Schodack CSD for 10 years, previously serving as a special education teacher. She started her new position on Monday, Nov. 6.


While Ms. Hill's title is Principal of Maple Hill High School, she will continue to be heavily involved in the Middle School. Ms. Hill will become Gr. 7-12 Principal in 2018-19 when the district moves to two school buildings.


"I have no doubt that Ms. Hill and Assistant Principal Jodi Sullivan will be a great team for Maple Hill," said Mr. Chevrier. "Although Ms. Hill's primary experience has been at the Middle School level, she brings with her a strong understanding of our culture and values, where we are headed in terms of innovation and creativity, and has a strong working relationship with faculty, staff and parents."


Because the State Education Department requires districts to have a principal for each school, the district also named Karen Harris as Middle School Principal for the remainder of 2017-18. Ms. Harris was an elementary and middle school science teacher for Schodack CSD before retiring two years ago. She is also a certified district administrator.


"Ms. Harris brings with her a lot of strengths. She knows most of the students, has relationships with many parents, and knows faculty and staff," said Mr. Chevrier. "I'm very confident that Ms. Harris can step into that role immediately and begin making contributions to our school community. I think she's going to do an outstanding job."


Michael Bennett returned to his original role as Assistant Superintendent for School Administration where he will continue to oversee curriculum, instruction and pupil personnel services. "We are incredibly grateful for Mr. Bennett's time, dedication, and service to our district and more specifically our High School where he served as acting principal for the past few months," said Mr. Chevrier.


"I hope our community is as excited about these changes as we are at Schodack schools," said Mr. Chevrier. "We have outstanding leaders in place who can help guide our district through this year of transition and ensure Maple Hill continues to provide the exceptional education our community expects for our children."